Mashup Monday No. 50

by nicolas - May 21, 2012

Well we’ve finally made it. In the words of Brian, “the big five-oh!” and it sure has been a wonderful journey. I was fortunate to take over for the quarter-century mark, and now I have the great pleasure of giving y’all the half-century Mashup Monday post. So in celebration, I present to you not one, […]

Mashup Monday No. 42

by nicolas - February 13, 2012

It’s Monday, which means another great selection of tracks for this week’s segment of Mashup Monday. To start, a recent DJ Trademark release, See The Lights, blending electronic beats with vocals from Brittany and Enrique. Trademark has impressed me with his flawless transitions from sample to sample, creating his trademark (no pun intended) party style. […]

Burn Till I’m Gone (Wiz Khalifa vs. Childish Gambino) – DJ 21azy

by Brian - November 3, 2011

I don’t know how this kid only has 360 Facebook fans. This is hit #4 by my count, and DJ 21azy doesn’t seem to be slowing down. This latest mashup blends together Wiz and Childish into one awesome mashup. It’s simple, but it works incredibly well, and deserves your attention at the next party. Listen […]

You Found How to Love – Lil Wayne Ft. The Fray (DJ 21azy Blend)

by Vanessa - October 24, 2011

The title might actually terrify you, but I was pleasantly surprised when this extremely chilled-out blend from mashup artist (unknown to me), DJ 21azy came through my headphones. While this didn’t take too much skill, the combination of Weezy’s “How to Love” instrumentals and The Fray’s vocals from their hit “You Found Me” is a […]

Mashup Monday No. 28

by nicolas - October 17, 2011

It’s Monday. I got mashups. Combine the two and we get Mashup Mondays. Honestly, I wish making mashups was as easy as the logic used just now, but unfortunately (or fortunately) it’s not. So I leave the music making to the people below, and the listening to us. Pretty sweet deal in my opinion: we […]

Put It In Your Manners (Childish Gambino x Chiddy Bang) – DJ 21azy

by nicolas - October 14, 2011

After reading some of the comments on various posts, I felt it was necessary to get away from those electro mashups. To me, and I know for The K as well, the responses and input from the readers is extremely valuable. With this input, I thought it was necessary to give you guys this dope […]