Electrogressive EP – Aaron Wayne, IDestiny, Taylor Thomas & Mars Pluto

by james - May 18, 2013

One of our good friends, Aaron Wayne, recently put out an EP featuring four original tracks and three remixes showcasing some of the up-and-coming talent coming out of the Dallas area. As far as the originals go, they flex everything we have grown to love about an Aaron Wayne tune, powerful electro house style synths, […]

I Hate Music (Original Mix) – Aaron Wayne

by james - February 4, 2013

I love this song. So many good things going on with this one. To pick a few, the builds are top notch. The track just winds and winds until it releases into my second favorite part of the track, the wobbly, electro-house style bass line that carries the chorus lines. It’s a rich and heavy […]

17 (Aaron Wayne Remix) – Taylor Thomas

by james - December 16, 2012

The Dallas area is really showing out on this new remix with both the original artist (Taylor Thomas) and remixer (Aaron Wayne) hailing from North Texas. The track is at 113 bpm giving it a slow and heavy feel. The piano interlude is what has me playing this song over and over again, Taylor Thomas’ […]

Let There Be House EP – Aaron Wayne

by james - October 19, 2012

After putting out Bounce Em a couple months back I have been waiting for Aaron Wayne to put out the whole EP and today the wait is over. Let There Be House has four tracks, Destiny, Bounce Em, Greazy, and Let There Be House. Destiny flexes some progressive house pieces within his usual electro house […]

Call On Me (Aaron Wayne Remix) – Eric Prydz

by james - August 10, 2012

As an up-and-coming artist taking on classic songs can be murky waters. People have high expectations when they listen to remixes of their favorite throwbacks and they should, the original should be creatively tweaked not ruined with nasty bass lines and excessive chopping of original parts. Aaron Wayne took on an abitious remix of Eric […]

Wishes Were Made Feat. jACQ [Original Mix] – Aaron Wayne

by james - June 30, 2012

Just when you think you’ve heard enough dance floor bombs from Aaron Wayne he decided to get at us with his most recent work, Wishes Were Made. This one features some vocals from jACQ that separate this song from his other recent productions. The track has a progressive/electro crossover sound lending itself to captivating builds […]

Bounce Em’ (Original Mix) – Aaron Wayne

by james - June 5, 2012

Remember how I said Aaron Wayne had more things coming? Well here it is. This is an original that goes unbelievably hard. When it begins it’s seemingly normal, fat kicks, pulsing synths, everything you would expect from a house track, and then something strange occurs. The words “Everybody dance now!” take over and the song […]

Leto (Aaron Wayne Remix) – Archie

by james - May 31, 2012

I’ve been following Aaron Wayne for some time now, he’s an up and comer we have featured multiple times here at The Kollection and he’s been cooking up some bombs as of late. This one is a remix he did for Archie, another Kollection favorite, of his track Leto which takes the progressive sound of […]