20,000 Giveaway Winners

by Brian - April 29, 2012

Thank you everyone for sharing The Kollection with your friends this week! Here are the winners, drawn at random. Congratulations!

To claim your prize, please message our Facebook page. For more giveaways, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. I will also be running the occassional giveaway for my subscribers.

First Place: Jake Spiwak

Second Place: Grant Beahm

Third Place: Zach Bingham

20 Sticker Pack winners:
Dylan Pike
Collin Ochwat
Kelly J. Madden
Andrew Attanasio
Danny Smith
Ryan King
Thomas Ellis
Reilly McNaught
Randy Cressler
Zach Levy
Elisamary Sanchez
Kiana Monk
Andrew Sutton
Chad Downs
Swapnil Pandya
Aaron Hren
Jasdev Singh
Just Kels
William Smolen